Get Dusty

Come Get Dusty

Jesus repeatedly urges his disciples to “follow me.” And it’s clear Jesus expects his disciples to follow him very closely: Just as a branch must “abide” or “remain” in its vine, followers of Jesus must “abide” or “remain” in Jesus if they are to bear any fruit (John 15:4).

It has been said that one can easily recognize disciples because they are covered with dust. This is because they are following their rabbi so closely that the dust from the rabbi’s feet covers them. That’s close!

Do we as disciples of Jesus follow, abide and remain in Jesus so closely as to be covered in the dust of his feet?

1 John 2:6 reminds us that “Whoever claims to abide in Him, must walk as Jesus walked.” Based on these passages and principles, our trip is very different from your average Holy Land Tour. As we travel throughout the Land of the Bible, from as far south as the Negev to Galilee in the north, we will experience the land through the rabbinic style of Jesus and his disciples. For this is the way he taught in this land he knew so well. We will reach the climax of our journey in Jerusalem, the city where God chose to place his Name and redeem the world. There we will prepare to return home with a renewed passion for Jesus and living out his command to love God and love others.

The Land of Israel allows us to read the Bible in 3D, stepping into a full scale relief map of the biblical story, to experience the sights, smells and sounds of the Bible. Bargil Pixner describes it this way: “In the unfolding relationship between God and man there exists not only a progressive History of Salvation but also a Geography of Salvation. God has revealed himself to mankind not inly in specific periods of time, but also in very particular places in his creation.” Through our geographical exploration of walking the land as Jesus did, we will span the biblical history of the Israelites from Abraham to David to Jesus. Our tour will forever provide you with the ability to place the biblical events back into their historical, geographical and cultural context.

God could have chosen any place and any people to tell his story.  Together may we discover his wisdom in choosing Israel – both the Land and the People – to bring about his covenant of love to the nations.

So come. Let’s get dusty together following closely in the footsteps of Jesus!

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